Uncovering the Myths About Back Pain

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If you are experiencing back pain, you need to dispel some common misconceptions that surround your predicament right away. Banishing these myths is the first step towards restoring your health and the quickest path to recovery. Take note of these widely held but unfortunately inaccurate ideas. Most Back Pain is Because 'Something is Out of Place' The belief that there must be a joint, a protruding disk or a mal-alignment in the legs or pelvis is perhaps the most common misconception.

24 May 2017

Mining Industry Pre-Employment Medical Examination — What Can You Expect?

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If you're hoping to start a career in the mining industry, you will be required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination.  Although you can't 'fix' the result of your medical, it does help if you know what to expect.  Here's a brief overview to help you prepare for your pre-employment medical. Written questionnaire The first part of your medical examination requires that you complete a written questionnaire.  This is a very general questionnaire that usually includes questions such as:

18 November 2016

Dental Clinic | 4 Ways A Dentist Fixes Gaps In Your Teeth

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Any gap or unusual spacing in your teeth creates an unsightly appearance, so you'll naturally want to do everything in your power to fix it. Gaps may occur if your teeth are too small for your jawbone or when your tongue continually presses against your teeth. This pressure pushes teeth forward or sideways and causes space to develop. This guide is designed to help you understand how a dental clinic can help fix gaps in your teeth.

1 July 2016